There was a time when book “Steps to consciousness" by Stanislav Khokhel had a great influence on me. I advice it to everybody who wants to change his life for better.

Alexander SHOVKOVSKY, goalkeeper for the Soccer National team of the Ukraine.


The book ‘Steps to consciousness’ and further contacts with Stanislav helped me to make an important decision in my life.

Nadezhda Meiher,  the singer

What benefits have I received from working with Stanislav?

I've learned to understand myself and to make good decisions, to live in peace with myself and with the world around me. Additionally, I have obtained absolute physical health.

As my teacher, Stanislav helped me better understand what was happening to me, and helped me deal with it. I enjoy the group, which helps me explore developmental processes, and I am eager to participate in each of our meetings.

Svetlana Antonenko, general manager of the ‘Ukraine’ hotel in Sevastopol

Stan, I hope you are able to do your workshop again because I enjoyed it and learned a great deal. It was nice to hear that Jim and I form a perfect match, and to learn why.

Now maybe I can overlook some of his annoying habits! I felt doubly blessed knowing that Jim is a perfect match for a life partner and that Louise is a perfect match for a friend. No wonder I am so happy!

…In my own relationship there have been many times, especially early in our marriage, when I did not think we’d make it another month. In retrospect I see that I was resentful of Jim’s need to be alone and he was intolerant of my need to be with people.

Over the years we may have become more balanced and respectful of each others needs. Learning each others needs was sometimes a painful process.

Mary Z., Colorado Springs

I asked Stanislav to prepare a corporate training seminar for my staff, and then I consulted with him individually. I also joined his self-development group.

My team had some misunderstandings between its participants. It is a matter of human nature, but nonetheless hinders the staff's productiveness, as it slows communication. Three days of Stanislav's coaching was enough to change the whole picture. I wanted my staff and I to become one team, and we did. The main thing I've noticed is that now I can spend less time on my work, and achieve better results. What did I get from continued work with Stanislav? My life has changed. I feel free. I don't have to do things that I don't want to. I have no fears any more, and I believe in my future. My health condition has improved, too. While working with Stanislav, my allergies and Planters warts went away, without any medical treatment. But what is more important, I started to enjoy my life, and welcome every new day.

Vitaliy Buravitskiy, owner of the metal stock base "Park plus" in Kriviy Rig