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Hello, I'm glad to meet you!
 I am Stanislav Hohel (name originates from german Hochel and is pronounced like "Khokhel"), a licensed psychologist and professional counselor with work experience in 12 countries, and in four languages: English, French, Russian, and Ukrainian.
My permanent place of residence is Kiev. I offer individual and relationship counseling, as well as group training in developmental processes. I also provide corporate trainings.
Normally one meeting with me is equivalent to a result that you want to obtain. I work until you feel a result and charge a fixed price for a session that doesn't depend on a time that we spent together during one session. The accent is made on teaching you the techniques that will balance you after therapy is finished. At the end of a session you feel you can solve your problem and you know how to work on it independently afterwards. Only work with dependancies and depression can require more then one meeting to look ahead for a month or two.
The scope of my counseling has no limits. I work with relationships, health problems (ukrainians tell "all diseases come from stresses"), career, adaptation of expats, emotional disorders, dependancies, depression, etc.
To know more about my work, click here: Meditations and References.